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    nday to Tuesday.China's efforts to maintain financial and capital market stability will also contribute to the sound growth of the glo

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    bal economy, Li said, adding▓ that China will also develop its capital market gradually via financial reforms.Li said the UK's decision to le

  • hai Interbank Offered Rat▓e,

    av▓e the European Union had spilled over into the global financ▓ial market, and the world should work together to reduce market panic and

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maintain market stability.The high debt ▓levels of Chinese enterprises is a result of China's high savings ratio, and the government is

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encouraging debt restructuring, bankruptcy a▓nd mergers to deleverage, Li said.The profits of China's ma

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jor industrial firms rose 6.4 percent yea▓r on year in the first five months of t▓his year, indicating

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room for improved▓ performance via deleveraging, Li added.Plea▓se scan the QR Code to follow us on▓ In

China to avoid financi

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eep its domestic financial market stable and▓ avoid wild fluctuations, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Tuesday."Like
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